• SEO

  • Content Marketing

  • Social media advertising

  • Social media management

  • Pay-per-click advertising

  • Email marketing

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Manage customer relationships across all digital channels

Students will be able to identify the importance of the digital marketing for marketing success

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Introduction to SEO
How Search Engines Work
Keyword Research
On-Page Optimization
Website Management and Optimization
Off-Page SEO
Planning A New Website
Market Your Optimized Website
Analytics and Measurement
What's Next-Learning Path

Types of content
Capitalize on trending topics
Content bucketing
Social media content calendar

Introduction to Social Media
YouTube Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Twitter Advertising
Pinterest Marketing
Marketing through LinkedIn

Creating a Social Media Strategy
Understanding Paid Earned and Owned Social Media
Social Sharing
Blogging for Business
Finding and Communicating with Influencers
Video and YouTube
Social Networking and Facebook
Microblogging and Twitter
Online Reputation Management
Social Media Measurement
Social Media Analytics